Our Mission

We can’t stop time. It goes by, reminding us that in the world nothing lasts forever. Still, this awareness brings about our fascination with tradition.

We admire tradition, we respect it, because that is how we withstand the inexorable passing of time; that is how we always keep alive the perfumes and tastes of a glorious past that only asks us to remember it.

Cantina di Barile wants every draught of wine to tell you the story of ancient Rome that dominated our land, the Mount Vulture in the southern Italian region of Basilicata, for more than one thousand years.

Two thousand seven hundred years ago, on the same fields where we now cultivate our grapes, named Aglianico del Vulture, the Roman soldiers defeated the brave Samnite army and, after driving the sword in the ground, the legionaries turned themselves into exceptional farmers.

It is not surprising that they found in the Vulture’s area the ideal conditions to devote themselves to the art of viticulture; the “optimum land” which the Latin writer Columella, the author of “De Rustica”, the first agriculture manual in the history, defined in the following way:

“It is necessary to have a land that needs to be neither too hot nor too cold, but it has to have a steady calm temper that, after all, it is also what our body needs”.

The Romans saw in Mont Vulture, an extinct Volcano situated in the hinterland of Basilicata, the perfect conditions for the viticulture as well as a strategic opportunity to turn the region into a stronghold to protect Rome from any threat coming from the south.

The countless monuments that are still visible in every corner of the Vulture area talk about that indelible past that originated our viticulture.

Fate wanted us to be heirs to this millenary tradition and Cantina di Barile loves to preserve it, in order for its wines to tell you the story of a great past.