Lagane with chickpeas 

200 g of durum wheat flour

150 g of chickpeas

Garlic and leek 



Extra virgin olive oil 


Soak the chickpeas for about 12 hours. Then, wash them and cook them with water, preferably in a pottery while cooking the chickpeas at slow heat. Add a slice of garlic and a leaf of laurel, skimming every now and then. 

With regard to the pasta: “Lagane”, its dough has to be prepared with water and a pinch of salt. When the dough becomes elastic and homogeneous, you have to cut 2 cm long strings from it and by doing so you will obtain the lagane. Cook them in salty water for a few minutes. Separately, take a pot to fry (slightly)  the garlic and the leek with oil. Drop the cooked chickpeas on the pot and, after a few minutes, drop also the lagane. Blend all ingredients and serve the dish.