Orecchiette with Bread Balls

by Fabiola Fiorentino

250 g of stale bread 

300 g of tomato sauce 

100 ml of milk

50 g of grated parmigiano 

2 eggs

1 slice of garlic

1 sprig of parsley 

extra virgin olive oil 




Soften the bread by soaking it in milk and hot water. Squeeze it and crumble it so as to mix these crumbs with eggs, grated parmigiano, minced parsley, salt and pepper. Form bread balls and, at that point, you start preparing the tomato sauce, where you will drop the bread balls when its cooking is almost finalized. This will make your bread balls more tasty.  

In order to make them even more compact and tasty, you can coat the bread balls with breadcrumbs and then fry them. As a final step, you drop them in the tomato sauce while it is already well warmed but it is still cooking. 

Once the sauce is ready, prepare the orecchiette, mix everything together and serve the dish.