1 kg of bread wheat flour

600 g of sugar

300 g of toasted and ground almonds

20 g cinnamon

150 g of cacao (sugar free)

20 g of Baker’s ammonia

1 Lemon peel


Mix the bread wheat flour, the sugar, the almonds, the cacao, the cinnamon and the grated lemon peel. Take a terrine  and put inside it lemon juice and the Baker’s ammonia and, then, drop the liquid obtained on what you mixed before that, at this point, becomes the dough you have to pound. While pounding, drop a little bit of water in order to soften the dough. Once you have done, let the dough rest for half an hour.

Then, cut some pieces from the dough and make them rhomb-shaped. Place them on a baking-tin, flour them and dredge them with sugar. Put the baking-tin in the oven and cook the pizzicanelli for twenty minutes at 180 C degree.