Eco street food of Basilicata

One of the two extremities of a loaf (stale bread)

500 g of peppers

200 g of cherry tomatoes

80 g of extra virgin olive oil



Take a loaf, cut one extremity and make sure that the bottom and the two sides of your sandwich are well closed and they don’t leak anything. Take out from your piece of bread the central part of the crumb, you break it in little pieces and put it in a frypan with 80 cl extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes. After some minutes, you add the cut-up peppers and some eggs (if you are vegetarian). You take one minute to mix everything and to blend together all the ingredients. Once you finish, you drop the frypan’s content directly in the hollow you left in your piece of bread.

This step is important because, originally, this recipe was meant to be used with stale bread of the past days (since the ancient Basilicata’s farmers never threw food away).  

Press the content slightly with a spoon and you place the sandwich vertically throughout the night, so that gravity will play its role in harmonically filling the bread.

The next morning, you will find out that all the liquids of the food have been absorbed by the crumb left on the sides and the bottom of the piece of bread, making it soft again. Besides, if you put up and down the sandwich, the content won’t fall (unless you start shaking it!) as it is well placed.

That means that you won’t need plastic films or silver foil to pack it, but you can just wrap your sandwich in a cloth that you can clean and reuse.